Thanks for visiting my website. I am Jelle Bruineberg, a PhD candidate in philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. I work on an ecological-enactive interpretation of the free-energy principle. I am convinced that this is the most consistent reading of the free-energy principle and that this interpretation will lead to new research questions in cognitive science, neuroscience and in philosophy.

For the moment, this website is just supposed to give some information about my published papers, about both on- and off-line ways of reaching out to me, and about my history of interactions with the academic environment.

This is one of my favorite quotes by a philosopher:

[M]aterialism […] knows of death whereas idealism has forgotten it. Also, the thinker himself is here less easily bribed. In materialism, he looks his own negation in the eye; but since he at the same time, in what he does by thinking, exemplifies the very case to which his thought denies a place, he is here less in danger to forget one side of the question than is the follower of idealism, which with the primacy of thought, so flattering to the thinker, has in advance taken his side. (Jonas, 1962, p.26)